September 05, 2017 1 min read

Buddha is a big lovable dog and before he was adopted he lived at the FXBG SPCA. For our Cotton and Wax #AdventureTail with Buddha we explored downtown FXBG.
Cotton and Wax Candle Co. C&W Blog Buddha
Buddha was such a gentle giant, but we noticed there was something a little different about his front feet. When he walked they pointed out like a ballerina. When he stood still they almost turned completely sideways. What’s beautiful about Buddha is his wonky feet didn’t bother him one bit. They didn’t stop him from running, playing, and walking in the sunshine.
Cotton and Wax Candle Co. C&W Blog Buddha
Buddha is pure happiness in dog form. Watching Buddha reminded me that even when life throws obstacles in your path, you can overcome them. Don’t hold back… run, play and walk in the sunshine!

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