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October 30, 2017 1 min read

 Dachsund Selfie

Sometimes you just need to grab a good book, a blanket, a couple of dachshunds from the SPCA and go to the park. For this Cotton and Wax FXBG SPCA #Adventuretail I did just that! Pothole and Speedbump were very content to sit with me under a tree at Hurkamp Park and read a book. 

Pothole and Speedbump from the FXBG SPCA

Hurkamp Park is located in Historic Downtown Fredericksburg. Crisscrossed with brick sidewalks, benches, and a beautiful fountain; Hurkamp is home to many events. On Saturdays and some weekday mornings, you can shop farm to table at the Fredericksburg Farmers Market. Throughout the year the park hosts festivals, concerts, craft shows and more. Hurkamp Park is available for rent through the FXBG Park and Rec

Pothole and Speedbump from the FXBG SPCA

Why do I love this park? I can always find parking nearby! This is my go-to spot in downtown Fredericksburg to start my dog walking adventures. I usually walk the dogs around the park to burn off some of their energy. Then we do a nice loop through Fredericksburg. On the way back to the park I like to visit Dog Krazy to buy some gourmet dog treats! 

Walking Loop in Fredericksburg

I’m happy to report, Pothole and Speedbump were adopted together over the weekend. Here's their official adoption day photo taken at the FXBG SPCA. I'm sure these two senior dachshunds will enjoy their retirement home!

Official Adoption Photo from the FXBG SPCA



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