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October 20, 2017 1 min read

Jackson at Pratt Park

On our last two Cotton and Wax FXBG SPCA #AdventureTails we took Max out to Lake Anna State Park and Jackson to Pratt Park in Stafford. Max is an 8-year-old black lab mix and Jackson is a 10-year-old chow mix. As we were hanging out with these beautiful dogs, I was thinking… senior dogs are awesome! The sad thing is, they’re usually overlooked at animal shelters. People are worried about health issues or how long the dog will be around. Put those thoughts out of your head and give a senior dog a chance! Health issues can strike at any age and dogs can live to be 15+ years old.

Max at Lake Anna

Top 5 Reasons Why Senior Dogs are Awesome!

  • Since they’re older, their energy is much more chill. This means less barking, jumping, and crazy bursts of energy.
  • They’re content to do whatever… lie around, go for a walk, and cuddle. They’re just happy to be loved.
  • They’ve most likely outgrown their bad habits i.e. marking, chewing up your favorite shoes, etc.
  • Unlike a puppy or a young dog, less training is required.
  • You’re giving a senior dog the gift of a happy retirement and they will appreciate that so much.

Since our outing Jackson has been adopted! Max is still available for adoption and looking for his forever home. You can visit him and other amazing dogs at the FXBG SPCA.

Max at Pratt Park


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